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  • PhRMA’s Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT)


    1100 15th St. NW, Washington, DC, 20005

    Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)’s Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT) is a web platform designed to help patients, caregivers and health care providers learn more about the resources available through the various biopharmaceutical industry programs offered to those who need financial support due to their lack of insurance or inadequate prescription medicine coverage. MAT is not its own patient assistance program, but rather a search engine for many of the support programs and resources that the biopharmaceutical industry has been offering for decades.

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  • NeedyMeds


    P.O. Box 219, Gloucester, MA, 01931

    Provides accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date information on programs that help people who are facing problems paying for medications and health care. Assists those in need in applying to programs and provides health-related education. Provides a searchable database listing pharmaceutical patient assistance programs, government programs, prescription discount cards, disease-based assistance, camps, scholarships and more.

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  • Rx Outreach


    P.O. Box 66536, St. Louis, MO, 63166

    A nonprofit organization that provides affordable medicines for those who qualify financially. Provides 90-day and 180-day supplies of prescription medications, regardless of the number of pills your doctor prescribes per day for most medications. Help is available to people regardless of age or whether they use another discount medicine or patient assistance program, and even to those who currently have a pharmacy benefit, such as Medicare Part D.

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  • BenefitsCheckUp

    National Council on Aging (NCOA) offers BenefitsCheckUp, a comprehensive, free online tool that connects older adults with benefits they may qualify for.

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  • Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF)


    421 Butler Farm Rd., Hampton, VA, 23666

    Provides direct services to patients with chronic, life threatening and debilitating diseases to help access care and treatment recommended by their doctor. Offers co-payment assistance - check website for up-to-date list of covered diagnoses and medications. Maintains a searchable National Financial Assistance Resource Directory. Provides a Scholarships for Survivors Program.

    Offers a Merkel Cell Carcinoma Financial Aid Fund that provides a one time grant for transportation expenses.

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  • Entertainment Community Fund


    729 Seventh Ave. , 10th Fl., New York , NY, 10019

    Helps all professionals in entertainment and the performing arts. The Entertainment Community Fund (formerly The Actors Fund) is a safety net, providing programs and services for those who are in need or going through a crisis or transition. It offers several services, including help attaining affordable housing and health insurance, financial assistance for people in a medical crisis or those disabled by illness, case management, referrals, support groups and funeral/burial assistance. The Entertainment Community Fund is administered in offices in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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